Tiny Humans update #6 – religious implications

Great essay on what might happen if we were to find out that the tiny humans were alive today.

In theory, the existence of Mini-Man should destroy religion, but I can already hear the fanatics claiming that he has been put on earth by the Devil.


(Thanks, Aggressively Shy Stick Insect Hunter!)

And Stefan Jones sez: "Bounced the news about the Wee Folk off of David Brin. Apparently, he'd already been discussing it with some fans, some of whom were creationists. His comment, which I quite like:"

"I find it truly stunning how many people can shrug off stuff like this, preferring instead a tiny, cramped cosmos just 6,000 years old, scheduled to end any-time-now in a scripted stage show.

An ancient and immense and ongoing cosmos is so vastly more dramatic and worthy of a majestic Creator.  Our brains, capable of exploring His universe, picking up His tools and doing His work, seem destined for much more than cowering in a corner, praying that some of our neighbors will go to hell…"