Bollywoodsploitation: Coke's Mulit homage

BoingBoing reader Manish Vij says,

Coca-Cola just released a great Bollywood-inspired ad in Spain, Portugal and Italy (thanks, GG). The ad retraces The Party, The Guru and Russell Peters' wisecrack that the only thing a desi accent is good for is cutting tension.

In the ad, a desi waiter livens up a dreary Spanish party by bursting into a Bollywood song. Here's the really cool part: it pays homage to Absolut Vodka's unforgettable Mulit parody — pink shirt, shiny belt buckle and all. Watch the clip.

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BB reader Fabio Fichera says, "The ad in question isn't that new, a somewhat shorter version has been around for months here in Italy." And reader JJ Merelo writes,

Just a few points about this newsitem. First, it was released last summer and become an instant sensation: the theme has been even featured in the new year's eve TV shows, replayed over and over as a ringtone, and so forth. The party does not really look like a Spanish party, it rather looks like a british party. Believe me, I've been in Spanish parties. And a bit of trivia: it's actually a girl who sings it, it's a kind of 'bollywood aserejé', since it's not really in hindi (or telugu, for that matter), but in mock-indian language, and it was originally done in Argentina. There's also a pointer to the spanish Coca Cola site: Link, and a story by a popular hispano-argentinian blogger: Link.