Shift diary from Florida call girl ring

Kim Cooper sez: Unbelievable and fascinating. This is the circa 1998 internal message board used by the support staff of a Florida call girl ring, foolishly left unsecured so Google could crawl it.

Dip in to any part of the page and it's like lifting a rock off a hill of sleaze. The girls are unreliable. The johns are dumb. The male madame is driven to extremes of emotion over office messiness. A rival escort agency tries to steal the talent. Everyone is hustling, and not just in the obvious ways.

I found this site while researching the obscure bubblegum musical "Toomorrow," an uncommon mispelling which appears on this page. What a treat! Link

UPDATE: (Following links might not be safe for work) Anonymous sez: Fascinating stuff from the shift diary. The site mentions they have an 800 number. Googling for it, I found this old and broken site for "Riga Escorts."

Also this listing for "Anne Marie and friends" escort service:

And this listing for "Amy" (last one on the page)

A little further tracking, and I found the old site on IA."