Still more random Googleable webcams

Following up on last week's Boing Boing posts (1, 2) about tips for finding (and watching) unsecured webcams via Google, this news story offers the security biz take on the issue. Link (Thanks, Xopl).

Boing Boing reader rogueleader says, "More open network cameras — these are Canon's network attached cameras that have pan, tilt and zoom controls. Java based applet." Link

Reader Flemming says,

I couldn't resist making a little thing that picked up a bunch of them from the google API, and then grabbed the first picture from each of them, and geocoded the IPs a bit to see where they were from. Makes it much easier to access, and it was pretty easy. So, see here, and my blog post about it here.

Reader Brian Smith says,

I put together a list of all the axis webcams google had in an easier browsing way if you're interested. I'm going to do the other types soon. See large compiled lists of cams here and here.

Jesse Andrews tells Boing Boing,

Hey, you might be interested in a hack for grabbing shots from those webcams. It creates a html page showing a snapshot and links back to the cam.