Jenna Bush, Spawn of Satan

Is it me, or is Jenna Bush holding up the sign of Satan next to her father's face in this photo? Choose picture #7 in this MSNBC slide show.

Here's the original MSNBC Link, and here's a link to a copy of the photo I saved locally (it's now offline at MSNBC) (thanks Jeremy)

Update: BB reader Charles Bestal says, "As a University of Texas student, we hear a good bit about the party animal around campus — but it should be noted that she is most likely invoking the school's hand-sign (Hook 'em Horns, they say), rather than the devil, or her father."

Reader David Czarnecki says, "Just as quick as the horns were thrown up, they've been thrown down from the MSNBC slideshow. Slide 7 is now a picture of showing the 'Celebration of Freedom' fireworks behind the White House. That's unfortunate. But, since you've got the picture, maybe someone should start a CafePress site called "BUSH is Fucking METAL!" and sell t-shirts and other schwag with that picture, a la this. Proceeds could be donated to some charitable cause … maybe the Church of Satan!"

Patrick says, "Isabella Rosallini was on the Daily Show a couple weeks back and noted that that particular hand symbol in Italy meant that a man was a cuckold. Maybe Jenna is trying to state something about the fidelity of her mother?"

John says, "This site has photos of many famous people throwing the devil's salute, aka the manu cornuta." Link

BB reader Dr. Wayne R. Husted sez: "Gentle lady: This harkens back to those famous devil worshippers and one of their more interesting albums. Oh, then again, maybe the sign is this."

Looks like the first lady and the president himself are also in allegiance with the lord of darkness (images via Wonkette and Google Image search, thanks to many BB readers who submitted updates including Conor, John, and Evan Bray).

Update: Less than 2 hours after the initial post, we now have t-shirts. The internets are fast. Link