Art/tech event in LA Sunday

Another cool tech / art / culture event happening in LA this weekend — no webcast plans for this one, but I'm sure will have plenty of coverage for those who can't make it IRL. During the weekend-long artLA event in Santa Monica, a panel at 10AM Sunday: "Art Criticism Today: How accessibility & technology are influencing art writing." Panelists include Bloomberg art crit Tyler Green, the LA Weekly's Doug Harvey, art writer Christopher Miles (Artforum,, Art in America, Artweek, Flaunt, Frieze), moderated by Caryn Coleman of sixspace (the guys who did the SENT phonecam art show, among many other things). Should be well worth attending for anyone interested in how blogs and 'net journalism are changing the art world.

Also of note: Gang photography by Robert Yager, whose work we've featured on BB before, will be on display in a Winnebago installation (!) at the artLA event — which takes place today and Sunday.
Link to artLA details.