Guillaume Sorge and the folks at produce compilations and remixes that always prove to be a few steps ahead of everyone else's style radar. The stuff they plucked first, you'd hear all over clubs in Brooklyn or LA six months later. They used to release these long, luscious, free MP3 mixes at secret urls that would vanish without warning, like temporary speakeasy bars. Somewhere along the way, the French fashion/lifestyle store Colette began offering some of their work on on CDs. Here's their latest — the soundtrack for an art installation which premiered
at the Villa Noailles in France last December…
Guillaume says:

Babydisco is an oneiric and playfull introduction to club land : children take possession of a reduced-scale entirely rebuilt club with strong design, where night-club clichés meet childlike universe in a soft jewel box. The discotheque becomes a free space, to which adults have no access, except for a minute glance through the door. This space is also an initiation to different forms of contemporary culture (design, video, music…). 10 to 12 children gather by appointment for a one hour session.

Like a pizza party at Chuck-E-Cheese, with better music and decor but no pizza. Link to project info and tracklisting, and link to QuickTime videos: lo (4MB), hi (12MB)