Fred Durst sues Gawker Media over much-blogged sextape

Gawker Media = Dursted! The Limp (heh) Bizkit frontman just filed an $80 million lawsuit against sites that published footage and stills from a video of his bonk sesh with an ex-gf. But I say he's probably just pissed at Fleshbot for poking fun at the looks of his nether-bits. Our sex-obsessed blogosphere neighbor says:

There's nothing like some hot and heavy celebrity lawsuit action to spice up a slow sex news day, especially when it's your company being served the papers: The Smoking Gun posts all the juicy Xeroxed goodness regarding Fred Durst's lawsuit against Gawker Media (along with nine other named defendants and "Does 1 through 100, inclusive", whoever they are–we only remember seeing one girl in the tape) for our roles in disseminating what had already been posted in approximately umptyjillion other places before we even rolled out of bed last Friday. We'll let the mothership handle the official response, although we should add that we are never, ever going to be able to get that "touch my ass and balls" soundbite from replaying in our minds while we're lying there in the dark trying to go to sleep every night, and who can put a price on that kind of damage?

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