Durst apologizes to Gawker for $80! million! dollar! lawsuit!

Fred Durst sends flowers to blog-conglomerate Gawker, apologizes for including them in lawsuit over leaked sex phonecam video. Link to story.

Now, if only Apple would follow suit… Link to Dan Gillmor's editorial on why Apple's legal action against blogs is bad news.

If any Apple attorneys are reading — I might suggest this particular arrangement for the blogger on your list, given our collective rep for navelgazing: link.

Previously: Fred Durst sues Gawker Media over much-blogged sextape

Update: Let the Fred-Durst-sextape / Soviet animation mashups commence! Can it get any more meta? BoingBoing reader Spinneyhead blogs:

Just a little experiment before I try any more complex lip-synching. Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst recently joined the long and boring list of C-list celebs to have sex tapes released onto the internet. Fleshbot claim to have been traumatised by his commands to "touch my balls and my ass", so I sampled this bit and used it to voice the parrot in a piece of Soviet animation found by BoingBoing.

Link to post including "Fred the Dursty parrot" on spinneyhead blog (3.2 MB *.mov), alternate direct link to movie on BoingBoing's server. (thanks fleshbot)