Oddly flavored condoms in Shanghai

BB Reader Dan Washburn in Shanghai says:

While Bliss paid our bills recently during a trip to a typically unfriendly neighborhood KEDI market – many bills get paid at 24-hour shops here in Shanghai – I perused the condom display rack, always good for a laugh. Always, indeed. Flavored condoms. Ice Cream. Green Tea. And, my personal favorite, Ordinary.

I find the concept of flavored condoms humorous to begin with, but I've also never had to taste a condom. So I guess they serve their purpose. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, right? (Or, in this case, it actually prevents it from going down.) Ice cream? OK, I guess I can undertand this one. But there are many flavors of ice cream out there. Let's hope it's not Mississippi Mud Pie or Moose Tracks or Brownie Batter or anything that ends in "nut crunch." Something like Karamel Sutra seems appropriate. But, hell, it's probably Green Tea Ice Cream.


Update: Reader Alex Krupp adds,

"If you look closely at the picture, you will notice that it features Matcha in a bamboo scoop which is indicative of Japanese tea ceremony. So although these condoms were sold in Shanghai, I suspect that they were actually produced in Japan."

And Christopher Filkins says,

Not to put too fine of a point on it but the condoms were likely produced in Malaysia or Thailand for a Japanese condom manufacturer for re-sale in the Chinese market, most likely in fact specifically for the Hong Kong market.

Alan says,

The condoms are produced by Atsina Holdings Limited out of Hong Kong. This link has the list of flavors on page 18. Thankfully they do not have "squash" flavor.

Amara adds,

If garlic is your thing, you can find garlic-flavored condoms at the Stinking Rose Restaurant online store. (click on the "Miscellaneous" link).