Alternative to Lorem Ipsum greeking

"Greeking" is dummy text used by designers when they don't have real copy to work with. You've seen it: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit…"

I've seen enough lorem ipsum dummy text to last me a lifetime. From now on, I'm going to use GreekMachine's Hillbilly greeking:

Promenade cowpoke dumb rustle plumb, highway, redblooded, ails tobaccee, has, tonic buy. Plug-nickel caboodle hoosegow caught hobo grandpa aunt. Go hauled hillbilly beer hollarin', cow truck. Ain't shed uncle, hillbilly skanky wild. Mule gritts catfish, drinkin' heapin' fer.

Ever weren't beer rottgut chitlins tornado maw good saw.

Butt, barefoot gonna tornado, whomp salesmen. Chitlins right salesmen pappy everlastin' round-up gonna barn no liniment skinned dumb, grandpa.

Erskine Caldwell couldn't have come up with anything better than that.

You can also use the site to generate greeking in the following styles: Marketing, Matrix, Metropolitan, Pseudo German, and Techno Babble.

Link (via Cosmo Doogood's Urban Almanac)

Reader comment: Matt Round says: "Hillbilly greeking? Pah, what you need is my Text Generator, developed after years of painstaking research [cough] (Bizarrely, I've had people think it's a serious tool and ask if they can buy the source code; if I was slightly less scrupulous I probably could've made a few quid)."