Squa Tront #11 published by Fantagraphics

I was pleasantly shocked to discover that Fantagraphics has published the latest issue of Squa Tront, a pre-Factsheet Five old-school fanzine dedicated to EC comics. I have several back issues of Squa Tront, which I bought over 30 years ago and I treasure them.

Squa Tront (the name comes from the words that space monsters frequently uttered in Weird Science and Weird Fantasy — another thing they liked to say was "Spa Fon" [and of course there was a zine named Spa Fon, as well]) has always stood out for its gorgeous, lavish production. The Fantagraphics-published issue is no exception. The content is first rate — there are lots of interviews with EC artists and writers (this issue focuses a lot on the underappreciated John Severin), high quality reproductions of rediscovered penciled pages, and a look at early EC fanzines.

(Shown here — the cover of Squa Tront #3, from 1969, featuring a cover painting by Al Feldstein, who later went on to become the editor of the only existing EC publication, Mad. Click image for enlargement.)