X-37 first flight at Mojave (on SpaceShipOne's anniversary)

The first test flight of the X-37 went off without a hitch today at Mojave airport/spaceport in the California desert. Mojave aviation author and photographer Alan Radecki took some great photos, including the shot here.

At the crack of dawn this morning, Mojave witnessed yet another First Flight, this time of the Boeing/NASA/DARPA X-37 ALTV (Approach and Landing Test Vehicle) carried on a captive-carry flight by Scaled Composites' White Knight. It was exactly one year ago that we were gathered here to witness the first space launch of Scaled's SpaceShipOne. What a way to celebrate an anniversary! The morning started spectacularly, and just as the sun cleared the horizon, the engines started on White Knight. Chase service was performed, as on the SpaceShipOne flights, by Robert Scherer's Starship and Chuck Coleman's Extra 300.

Link to entry on Radecki's blog.