Again: four more bombs hit London transit — UPDATED

7:54am PT: In London, three blasts have hit the subway, one a bus. This occurs precisely two weeks after bombs that killed 56 people (including four bombers). Today's explosions are said to be significantly smaller, as are the reported number of casualties. There are reports that devices did not work as planned.

Image: among the snapshots beginning to appear around the web, this photo of people on the streets walking home now in London (rather than using public transport). Another flickr set here, related tags include London and bomb. Right now, those tags return a large number of images depicting people in London at work or home, wearily gathered around televisions tuned to live news coverage. And, this.

8:20am PT, officials state one confirmed casualty, no deaths.

CNN, 8:22am PT, Christiane Amanpour interviewing a terrorism expert on the street in London: "What kind of people are these, who can't get four devices to work properly?"

Blogs where you'll see local "citizen reports" include the London Metblog. The Guardian newsblog is following. Wikipedia has an entry here. Snip from that (developing) entry:

Unconfirmed reports stated that three separate incidents involving "dummy explosions", using only detonators, had occurred at Shepherd's Bush, Warren Street and Oval underground stations, leading to the closure and evacuation of the related tube lines (BBC). Other reports have speculated that complete bombs were used, but that the detonators failed to work correctly. It is reported that one person, who carried the bomb, has been injured at Warren Street, and a man was seen running from one of the Tubes after the explosion. One report also suggests that it was a nail bomb that exploded in Warren Street.

Link to related Wikinews article.

Reader comment: Anonymous says,

Just popped up in the New York Times: in the wake of the London bombings (but, they say, not because of them) MTA and NYPD to begin searching commuters at random. Link