HOWTO give tech in-kind to Red Cross, from techie volunteer

BB pal K7AAY in PDX, OR says,

I'm a Red Cross volunteer techie, and have started speaking with Red Cross in-kind folks to try to open a channel into the RTT (Response Technology Team) folks who ride herd on phones and computer systems.

My first priority is finding a place for RayNet's offer of an Asterisk-based VOIP PABX, but I'd be happy to *try* to find a home for other tech gear.

*Try*. It could be days, or weeks, until the telecomm infrastructure in the worst-affected areas (e.g., New Orleans, Gulfport, Biloxi) is able to handle much of the gear I've seen offered. But, if donors are prepared to be flexible as to where their gear goes, likely what is servicable will find a home serving disaster clients wherever they are.

The American Red Cross In-Kind hotline (everything but cash, checks & credit cards): 800-7IN-KIND