Katrina: updates

Here is the FEMA USAR Field Operations Guide (FOG), an operation manual for disaster and recovery workers employed by the US government. Link (PDF)

Joel Garreau in WaPo: "A Sad Truth — Cities Aren't Forever… The city of New Orleans is not going to be rebuilt." Link

"Interdictor" on the presence of armed security contractors: "I asked them about civilians carrying weapons and he said there's no point in carrying here (which is what we had already decided several days ago), but that if we went to anywhere outside the CBD, we'd be silly not to be packing." Link

FEMA to set up camp cities to house 200K for 3 years: Link

Report from Democracy Now's Amy Goodman on armed security contractors in New Orleans: Link, and "is the government trying to stem the tide of images?" Link

Firms with Bush ties snag engineering, cleanup, rebuild deals: Link

First responders to abandon "ten codes" for plain English: "When the changes go into effect later this year, instead of saying fire engine is responding 10-39, fire fighters will say we're responding with the siren and red lights.'"Link

Wireless broadband lines set up for emergency reconnect: "Networks relying on such technologies as Wi-Fi and WiMax can be established more quickly and more cheaply than crews can right telephone poles and cellular towers or bail water out of flooded switching stations." Link

Map of zip codes where mail delivery service has been disrupted. Link

Mos Def: "Its dollar day for New Orleans, its full of water everywhere and people dead in the streets…a million poor since 2004, and they got illions and killions to waste on the war and to make you question what the taxes is for or the cost to reinforce the broke levee wall… Mr. President's a natural ass, he out treating niggers worse than they treat the trash." Link

(Thanks, Mitchell Nussbaum, Ned Sublette, Steven Ng, Frank Keeney, Mike Outmesguine, John Brockman)