Microsoft confirms censoring of Chinese blog

Microsoft admits it pulled the plug on Zhao "Anti" Jing's blog, with the shameful but familiar excuse that it was only complying with local law. Where have we heard this before? Oh yeah. And as long as there's money to be made in China, we're likely to hear it again.

Microsoft said in a statement that the decision to unplug Zhao was inline with its practice of "ensuring that products and services comply with global and local laws, norms, and industry practices."

"Most countries have laws and practices that require companies providing online services to make the Internet safe for local users," the company said. "Occasionally, as in China, local laws and practices require consideration of unique elements."

Link to Information Week article. Rebecca McKinnon has been covering the story in detail on her blog — see today's post, "Why Microsoft censorship in China matters to everybody." (Thanks, IZ Reloaded)

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