Loompanics going out of business

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In 1985 I showed a coworker my copy of the Loompanics book catalog. He took it home and returned it to me the next day and said he never wanted to see anything like it again, and told me he did not want to associate with me because he was sure I was on some kind of government subversives list.

So it is with misty eyes that I report the passing of this ultra-libertarian book publisher, which published books on subjects from how to conduct home invasion robberies on drug dealers, to shooting squirrels for food, to making money as a human guinea pig for medical experimentation. Hats off to publisher Mike Hoy for 30 years of all-American, 100% patriotic free speech!

Loompanics is selling their existing stock at half price — grab it while you can.
Link (store appears to be knocked out of commission, here's the link to Loompanics' main page) (Thanks, Lint!)