Monster Scenes: gruesome 1970s plastic models from Aurora

I had forgotten all about this funny full-page comic book ad for Aurora's notorious Monster Scenes plastic model kits from the early '70s. Retrocrush has published a fond remembrance of these perversely violent model kits, which included horrific instruments of torture.

What else can you say about this but "GOOD LORD"? Not only is it a shocking ad for any kids comic, but you get that clever jab at New York from Vampirella! And not even the most hardcore GI JOE playsets came with a guillotine and a kettle full of coals and red hot pokers!

As an added treat, if you look close enough, you'll see they even gave Vampi a camel toe!!!

How could any budding serial killer refuse a cool toy like this?

This morbid series of 8 different model kits featured the evil Dr. Deadly, Frankenstein's Monster, Vampirella, various torture equipments (one lovingly titled "The Pain Parlor"), and perhaps the most disturbing model subject of all "THE VICTIM".

Link (via PCL Linkdump)