Math equation for a perfect ass

(S+C) x (B+F)/T = V is the formula that describes the "ideal female ass"
in shape, bounce, firmness and symmetry, according to
psychology lecturer David Holmes of Manchester Metropolitan University in England:

S is the overall shape or droopiness of the bottom, C represents how spherical the buttocks are, B measures muscular wobble or bounce, while F records the firmness.

V is the hip to waist ratio, or symmetry of the bottom, and T measures the skin texture and presence of cellulite.

Link to Sunday Times article. (Thanks, Vegasdonald)

Reader comment: Grayson says,

Anyone who makes an academic study of nice derrieres is bound to be interesting. Dr. David Holmes has a web page (and clearly a decent sense of humor). Complete with pics of him in local bands in the 80s and some cool records and guitars for sale. This is the same Manchester Metropolitan University professor mentioned in the earlier "perfect ass equation" post. Link