Yay, robot sex! Ahem. Ethics of machinophilia considered.

BoingBoing reader Eric says,

This Times Online article talks of people having sex with robots in the next 5 years (yippee!) and the emotional and ethical problems that may arise. Strangely at the end of the article the author lists new robo-ethics recommendations that should be added to Asimov's laws of robotics. I anticipated new laws such as:

• Sex should only be performed in the missionary position with a robot representing the opposite sex

• Watersports are greatly discouraged because of the danger of conductive fluids near electical circuits

• Robots shall not commit adultery

Instead the author touches upon adding DRM and unique ID numbers to each robot. Go figure.

Link to Times Online article. Image: BB co-editor Cory foretold of this dilemma in an earlier post titled "FREE ROBOT SEX guy in a cardboard suit on the roadside."