Video: Crazy '60s German TV robots und dance moves

Video clip from the sixties German TV show Raumpatrouille. Episode 3: The Keepers of the Law. "The computer can malfunction… the tracks are a bit mixed up. I call it a cybernetic neurosis." Link. Another vintage clip from the same TV program, mit futuristic frugging auf Deutsch: Link. (Danke schoen, Coop!)

Reader comment: Anselm Lingnau says,

The "Raumpatrouille" (Space Patrol) series is really something of a classic. The robots and dance scenes are only scratching the surface; watch for the clothes irons and shower heads as well as the special effect when the spaceship launches from its submarine base (which was produced by filming the bubbles produced by an Aspirin tablet and turning the footage upside down). The sets and special effects make the original Star Trek look downright sophisticated, but then again "Raumpatrouille" does predate ST by a couple of years.

The series has been available on DVD for some time, and a couple of years back bits from the various shows were strung together to form a feature film. Some of the original actors are also still around and occasionally seen on TV.

Michael says,

I loved that series when I was a kid. What's interesting is the unreflecting use of nuclear weaponry – but this seems a common trait to all 60ies shows. A few additional links:

Raumpatrouille on IMDB: Link

Wikipedia: Link

The main actor – Dietmar Schönherr – is working since 1984 for social and cultural projects in Nicaragua. After "Orion" he was an acclaimed game show host from 1969-1973.

The actor of the ship's engineer – Wolfgang Völz – is nowadays mostly known to be the voice of "Käptn Blaubär" (Cpt. Blue Bear) – a muppet like character for kids television.

Already 6 members of the original cast have passed away.