700 Hoboes project takes off

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A number of months ago, I wrote about John Hodgman's funny song, "700 Hobo names." I said that it would be fun to start a Flickr group where artists get together to draw each on of the whimsically named hoboes in the song. And it started happening right away.

The project has heated up considerably. Behold the 700 Hoboes Project, a beautifully designed site that archives the current drawings and offers new features, such as semantic classification of the hoboes.

Daniel and Sarah Drucker worked to semantically classify 125 of the 700 Hoboes, and are now hoping that others will pitch in after their example to help with the rest. With this semantic information available, viewers at e-hobo.com would be able to view just hoboes with hats, or with missing body parts, or who are named anacronistically.