Second Life's virtual reporter, W. James Au, on RU Sirius Show

There's a great interview with Second Life's virtual reporter, W.
James Au, on this
Week's NeoFiles
talking about, among other things, emergent
behaviors by users.

AU: They created what they call a Camp Darfur. So it's like… tents and
campfire and photos of real life refugees in the real life Darfur…
This guy found a flaw in the building and he was able to trash the
whole camp. And some of it was racist. They started shouting
anti-African slurs and they started attacking the camp day after day.

Meanwhile on the other side of the camp, there's a group called The
Green Lantern Core… One of the guys is the Green Lantern — he's got
the Green Lantern outfit on and he's this huge dude and he's got the
magic ring — he heard about Camp Darfur getting attacked… And so now
the Green Lantern Core guards Camp Darfur.

And on the RU
Sirius Show,
RU talks with Scott J. Thompson about those infamous
meth tweekers in the Third Reich.