Chertoff: Let's spy on and lock up more Americans

Eris Siva says:

The head of Homeland Security is pushing for more surveillance and the imprisonment of more innocent people in the USA – citing the 'liquid bombers' that were caught in the UK this past week. Scary stuff.
He cites the fact that the British authorities were 'nimble' in their catching liquid bombers…Completely missing the fact that a neighbor was the one who betrayed them to the authorities, and that they were aware of the cell for months.

As we have seen from all the evidence, there is no decrease in this activity when we keep taking people's rights away. In fact, the terrorist activity keeps rising no matter how much they tap our phones, or check our bank account statements.

This is especially ridiculous seeing as how the 'liquid bombers' weren't even caught here in the US. So electronic surveillance and more imprisonment of innocent people here in the US isn't going to change anything.