Ghost ride da whip

Duhhh-sclaimer: The actions described in this post could kill you or others. But most people dumb enough to do this kind of crap don't read BoingBoing anyway.

Apparently I am the last person in the world to know about this. The short version:

(1) get in your car and drive
(2) *while* your car is moving forward
(3) step out of the driver's seat and dance around in the road
(4) optional: jump on top of your car, which remains in motion, and vamp on the roof.
(5) refrain from dying
(6) post video on the internet, boyyyeeeeee.

There's another term for this: "natural selection." (Thanks, Oxblood and Pat!)

Reader comment: Jami Dwyer says,

After way too much time on YouTube, my favorites are the cop ghostriding and a guy ghostriding his little sister's bike.

Of course, when dumb teenage boys do this at full speed on busy streets,
this is a huge safety worry. What we need are about twenty more videos
from yuppies ghostriding in PT Cruisers, and ghostriding will be over
before an innocent bystander gets killed.

Scott says,

If you don't wanna be the last on the block to know about THIS, then you should start workin' your tray surfin' skillz.
Search "Tray Surfing" on YouTube.

Conrad Kilroy says,

'Ghostride da Whip' reminds me of the Monty Python's Flying Circus' UpperClass-Twit of the Year sketch.

"...and Oliver has ran himself over!"

Screen Shot, and

Video link.