Comic book teaches you art of "locksport" (competitive and recreational lock picking)

Here's a 22-page PDF comic book that shows you how to pick locks.

200611080940The Credo of the Lock Picker:

You may only pick locks that you own, or
those to which you've been given explicit
permission to pick by the rightful owner.

Locksport is an honest, ethical, and legitimate hobby. Unfortunately, the whole
world hasn't figured that out yet (though we're working on it!). Because the lay
person has a tendency to perceive what we do as somehow nefarious, it is extra
important that we commit to following a strict code of ethics. For this reason,
the above credo is non-negotiable in the locksport community. Lock picking
should never, ever be used to illegal or even questionable purposes.
Please do not misuse this information. We assume no responsibility for your
actions, and in no way condone immoral activity. Help keep locksport fun for all
by following strictly the one rule.