I am in thy library, executing a grammatical procedure of great destructive force against thy lexicon.


Link, see also this post from earlier this week (thanks, Lenore!).

Reader comment:

stAllio! says,

Here is my contribution to the "in ur X Ying ur Zs" meme… this one seemed so obvious i was surprised nobody else had done it yet: Link. i also did this one, which i don't think is quite as funny: Link.

Aaron Wicks says,

Here are a lot more cats verbing nouns (peepee in the pants funny by midway thru): Link.

Clint Dunham says,

More harbl cats. I dunno why but the mountain bike forum I frequent has one of the best threads about this. Lots of images collected here: Link.

Kerne Fahey says,

I think the page at shackspace is derivative of this one: Link.

BoingBoing reader Rob offers what I promise will be the last gag (for the next five minutes) in this already-too-long string of visual jokes.

Anonymous harbl strokr says,

The cat posts (Link) are something that comes up every Caturday… umm, saturday on 4chan.org 's random forum 4chan.org/b/ (if there is a site less safe for work than this one i wanna see it.) Having seen these memes travel round the board for well over a year (since i first foundit desu) I assumed that they originated here… is this true. /b/ is pretty much a board of memes (and porn, and raids and abuse and sometimes… love). To the point i say… it would be interesting to find where these memes came from, for the same reasons as The Game tracking site.