Fallout Shelter Handbook from 1962

Ward Jenkins scanned a few pages from his copy of the Fallout Shelter Handbook from 1962

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From 1962, deep in the midst of the Cold War. I found this amongst piles of musty smelling magazines and articles at a booth at the Inman Park Arts Festival several years back. The cover is classic: your average white American family enjoying life as best as they can after an atomic attack. What I love the most about it is that Mom is in her day dress, apron and all, preparing dinner, and Dad is relaxing in his jacket, smoking a pipe, having just finished reading the liner notes to something by the Ray Coniff Singers, probably.

The rest of the handbook is some interesting stuff if you dig construction how-to's — this could've been sold at a Home Depot if they had them at the time. There are some very interesting ads in the handbook, too. Check out the rest of the images I've scanned to see more.