Virgin komodo dragon birth: the miracle of Christmas

Science be praised! Two female Komodo dragons at two different zoos have self-fertilized eggs in isolation — with no help from a Komo-dude.

Other reptile species reproduce asexually in a process known as parthenogenesis. But Flora's virginal conception, and that of another Komodo dragon earlier this year at the London Zoo, are the first time it has been documented in a Komodo dragon.

Link. Twin immaculate conceptions. The eggs are expected to hatch around Christmas. The new messiah is a lizard? (Thanks, Aira)

Reader comment: Anonymous pedant says,

Strictly speaking, the miraculous pregnancies of the two komodo dragons aren't immaculate conceptions, unless you meant to imply the dragon fetuses aren't tainted by original sin. (The argument could be made that all komodo pregnancies are immaculate conceptions, so to speak.) Virginal conception is perhaps a closer term, I'd imagine, though I can't vouch for these two particular dragons' virtue. I have recently heard this mistake referred to snarkily as the "immaculate misconception."

Adam says,

Surely, you're aware of one of the greatest internet memes of all time: Raptor Jesus. He went extinct for your sins! Link.

Ntwiga says,

The London Zoo which also had a "virgin birth" with one of its komodo dragons this April seems to think that the dragons are able to store sperm and use it when conditions for reproduction are optimal. Link.