Standing babas spend years without sitting or laying down

My father is reading a novel called Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. It's about a guy who escapes from prison in Australia (where he was serving a 19-year sentence for armed robbery, which he committed to maintain his heroin addiction) and flees to India and becomes a "doctor" for people living in a Bombay slum. (The author knows his subject — he, too, escaped from prison in Australia and went to India.)

The novel describes some interesting people called Standing Babas, who have vowed to remain upright for many years. Here's a page with some information about them.

Bajrang Das, a 'standing' baba, who never sits down, day and night. He sleeps standing too, hanging over this swing. A metal chastity belt covers his genitals.

A 'standing' Baba, who is called khareshwari, has taken the vow not to sit or lie down for twelve years. He may rest one leg by hanging it in the sling under his swing. It is a painful austerity: the swollen legs and feet tend to develop persistent ulcers.

Khareshwaris may walk about, but usually just hang in their swing in their corner — and stand.