Miracle fruit alters sense of taste

Jacob says:

"Miracle fruit is an obscure fruit that alters one's sense of taste, masking bitter and especially sour flavors, causing lemons, limes, beers, and lots of other things to taste amazingly good. After reading about it on the Web and tracking down a source, my friend held an extensive tasting party. We wrote about the experience on our food blog, linked above. (The miracle fruit entries are the newest posts.)

"Alas, the FDA does not look well upon miracle fruit, having forbidden its marketing to diabetics in the 1970s. The stuff is hard to find."

Miracle Fruit By Abi

Limes tasted like lime candy, lemons like lemonade, and meyer lemons and red grapefruit were some of the most tasty things I've ever eaten in my life. On the other hand, pineapples and kiwi were cloying, coffee was mostly unchanged, and wine was just plain disgusting.


Reader comment:

David Barzelay says:

Hi, I'm the guy who had the miracle fruit party and wrote the post to
which you linked today. The guy from whom I got the miracle fruit
grows the stuff in Ft. Lauderdale, and he charges actual overnight
shipping plus $5 handling, and $1 per fruit
. He'll also ship just the
seeds, or the plants themselves. He said it was okay if I gave out
his contact info, so I just posted it. Since earlier today, I've
gotten almost sixty emails from people wanting to know where they
could get some miracle fruit, so I figured you'd be interested in
posting this info.

Also, by the way, the description in the original post says that our
food blog is linked "above," but in fact you linked to the tipster's
site. The link below ("Link") links to the correct blog, but to one
of the posts, instead of to the index where readers can find both
. You might just add a second link at the bottom, to the other

The miracle fruit thing was seriously awesome. Also, I love Boing
Boing. Thanks for the links.