Khosla backs new wood-into-fuel ethanol project in GA

Famed investor Vinod Khosla is backing a new ethanol plant in Georgia that will transform wood waste into fuel. Range Fuels Inc. plans to launch more plants, and produce one billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol per year. Snip from a post on biostock blog:

We knew it was coming. Vinod Khosla has finally made a bold move to back up industry-wide speculation that cellulosic ethanol would soon emerge as the next phase in ethanol production. The surprise is that wood would be the feedstock of choice given the vast headstart of corn-based biorefineries in the country and the obvious synergy of basing corn stover conversion technologies near sugar fermentation plants.

However, the high energy potential of wood cellulose, the ready availability of cheap waste, and the search for a renaissance of forestry-based industries makes the announcement a welcome one to the "nation's woodpile" in the southeastern states.

Read more, including the announcement from Range Fuels Inc., here: Link. (via Bruce Sterling / Viridian newsletter)