honeymoon in zero gravity

Loretta and George Whitesides plan to be the first couple to honeymoon in space. That's no accident — George is Executive Director of the National Space Society and a space artist. Loretta is a space advocate, a former astrobiologist, a part-time movie star, and Executive Director of Yuri's Night (a "global space party" celebrating the legacy of the famed Russian cosmonaut).

George and Loretta launched a new website today, on Valentine's Day, to document their upcoming adventure —

"We hope that with our flight, we can help bring love and peace to a place that is very important to us – space," said Loretta (…) The sub-orbital spaceflight will launch the couple over 100 km high, past the boundary of space. The flight will include several minutes of weightlessness, a view of the blackness of space and the curvature of the Earth.

On the Space Love website, they'll post about preparation and lead-up to the Virgin Galactic flight, and offer suggestions for others who are interested in honeymooning or getting married in space. (thanks, George Whitesides!)