Robot flapper pinup: photo art of Jeffrey Scott, "1019"

Link to the artist's website, here's a direct link to the larger jpeg. You can buy a print of this and many other lovely images (like this one, wow) right here. (Thanks, Jason Schultz)

Reader comment: Allygal says,

Hi, I love your blog, and am a very long time reader! I just wanted to comment and suggest an artist, related to your post about the artist Jeffery Scott. There is an amazing artist who I believe to be one of the innovators to this type of digital photography. His name is Symon Chow: Link. And has been doing this form of work for many years. He seems to be quite reclusive and modest. And deserves way more attension that he has gotten. You can see his work with the link provided and a lot of reviews (from other bloggers) of his work can be found by googling his name. Thanks again for wasting all my time at the office ;)

Wow, beautiful stuff (some of it NSFW). Here's one of Symon Chow's images below.