Biodiesel from liposuctioned human ass-fat powers race boat

Here's some video from a Current TV segment about a biodiesel boat race to circumnavigate the globe. The boat featured in the video runs on a mixture of fuel from various sources — 4 gallons of the stuff was produced from liposuctioned butt blubber (a hundred grams of that came from the captain's own backside). Welp, there's a renewable fuel source America has plenty of. Here's a blog post with more info. (Thanks, Jay)

UPDATE: Ah, looks like Wired covered this story a year ago! Link.

BoingBoing reader Brian Jamison says,

I know these people and there is more to the story. The boat in question is attempting a round-the-world speed record powered entirely by earth-friendly biodiesel. They've put everything on the line and just had a major sponsor pull out at the last moment. They are in dire need of support — a donation of any amount would help!