BoingBoingBoing podcast 10: Bonnie Burton, Star Wars fandom

Episode #10 of the Boing Boing Boing podcast is out! Our guest for this edition is Bonnie Burton of Lucasfilm and fame, author of the just-released book You Can Draw Star Wars (Amazon link) . In today's podcast, we probe the universe (and Bonnie's brain), asking…

  • Do Woookies have to wear hairnets in the Lucasfilm cafeteria?
  • What is a "bathrobe Jedi"?
  • Is laser graffitti terrorism?
  • Will there ever be another Star Wars film?
  • If you discover LED art in a public place, should you blow it up?
  • What is R2 D2 trying to tell me?

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    The tune you hear in this podcast is by Q-Burns Abstract Message, aka producer and indie digital music entrepreneur Michael Donaldson. The song is his remix of "Angel Soup" by Cold Hands, recently released on vinyl and digital via
    Blunted Funk Records. Listen to the whole thing here, with info on where you can purchase his DRM-free music

    We recorded this podcast as a Skype conference call, and captured it with AudioHijack. The audio was later edited in Apple's Garage Band, after some help from Levelator.