Report from new Mark Ryden show

Roq La Rue gallery owner Kirsten Anderson attended the opening for Mark Ryden's new art exhibition, "The Tree Show" at the Michael Kohn Gallery.

Picture 8-11
The entire show is woodland themed. Everything has the same mystical creepy-cute, child's nightmare vibe that is Ryden's trademark, but the girls and assorted beings in this show have a new intensity to them, even more than the Blood show. There were 8-9 large paintings (including the largest one which went for $800,000!) and a large sculpture of a treee with a antler headed baby inside it. In the next room were an array of drawing and paintings studies, plus random ephemera including a large display case full of Ryden's inspirations, toy trees, babies, lumberjack books, toy trains, creepy bunnies…The front windows of the gallery were fully dressed and had a diorama of a wooded scene full of aforementioned ephemera and a large Abe Lincoln figure. It was fabulous.