Iraqi ass magnet guy stopped at LAX had prior record

Remember the Iraqi man in whose rectum a magnet and wires were discovered during an airport screening? He may soon be deported. Erstwhile butt-bomber, Anal Qaeda ringleader, or innocent new age healing devotee? We may never know.

Fadhel Al-Maliki, 35, is being held at a Terminal Island detention center on immigration offenses related to his prior arrests for domestic violence and a weapons violation. His case will go before an immigration judge, who could order him sent back to Iraq.

Al-Maliki drew a full bomb-squad response last week when he tried to pass through security at LAX with two objects in his rectum. He later told investigators he was using the objects to fight stress; they were described as a polished stone and a magnet or piece of metal covered in a puttylike substance and wrapped in a napkin.

The FBI found no reason to think Al-Maliki posed a threat, and no evidence of any links to terrorism. The agency turned him over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement because his green card documents had expired.


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