The Last Supper, with dogs, by Ron Burns

Link to full-size image, "Dinner and Drinks with the Son of Dog." I am rendered speechless, so I'll let the press release do the talking:

One gallery owner in a "Bible Belt" state has already refused to carry Ron Burns' latest work portraying a gathering of pooches around a well-known supper table. "Maybe the world isn't ready for this. Truth is, I wasn't trying to be controversial with this one," says Ron Burns. "I love Da Vinci, I love dogs and it seemed like a fun idea to bring the two together."

The result of this historic matchmaking enterprise? Burns Studio Publishing is pleased to announce the release of limited editions of "Dinner and Drinks with the Son of Dog," Burns' riff on Leonardo da Vinci's, "The Last Supper", which was also a central image in the book "The Da Vinci Code" by novelist Dan Brown.

The Burns version features his own beloved mutt, Rufus, in the center seat, a doggy bone with a halo-like glow floating behind his head. The table is set with tennis balls, dog food in bowls, chew toys and mixed drinks.

(thanks, Andrew Breitbart!)

Reader comment: Miles says,

Ron Finley, who runs a gallery of dog art in LA, is similarly obsessed with DaVinci and dogs. Last year he published a goofy Photoshopped graphic novel further giving more weight to the dog-DaVinci connection. No Last Supper remix, but some engaging pictures of dogs using DaVinci's flying machines, like this one. Link to gallery, Link to "Shaggy Dogs Story" on Amazon.

P.S. Disclosure — Ron Finley's my pop.

Alistair from Fortean Times says,

The Last Supper with Dogs pic reminded me of this decorative plate by Viz. I have one lying under my bed at home and, looking at it again, I'm thinking it's time to dust it off and give it the wall space it's due.

Steve Worcester says,

Reminded me of another, The Last Supplement to the Whole Earth Catalog cover by R. Crumb, which can be seen here: Link.

Ricard Pascual says,

I have just read your post about that painting of the last supper with dogs instead of humans, and that really reminded me to another excellent work of a friend of mine.
He's always been a fanatic of all kind of animals and his speciality is scientific painting, so his last year final project was the last supper with dinosaurs.
When I was a kid, we were schoolmates and he made me a dinosaur-mad too. Now I've got that picture in my dinning-room (^_~)

cbmfive says,

Around the end of this January, Fark ran a Photoshop contest to gather material for Fark TV. The subject was adding dogs to Da Vinci paintings. One submission involved the Last Supper with dogs. Here's the link to the thread, and here's a direct link to the photo.