Experimental, surrealist Jim Henson work from the 1970s

BoingBoing reader Andrew says,

I know you guys love mash ups and psychedelic/surrealist art so you may really enjoy this, some experimental work by Jim Henson in the 1970s that mixes his puppets/Muppet work with his lesser known experimental film work (pre-Sesame Street Henson was nominated for an academy award in 1967 for a live action short called "Timepiece").

"Limbo: The Organized Mind" was a stock (but very surreal) bit Henson used to perform on variety shows in `60s and `70s. This clip is from an appearance on the Tonight Show in 1974 and features a disembodied floating face (called "Nobody") taking a surrealist trip through his own mind.

I wish network TV still programmed stuff like this!

Video Link.

Reader comment: Kim Scarborough was first among many to write in and say…

The music for that short was done by Raymond Scott, and a much cleaner copy of the
soundtrack (with Henson's voice) can be heard on his CD, "Manhattan
Research, Inc."

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