Total Anhilation ('tween "robot punk" band) at Maker Faire

Jesse Thorn from "The Sound of Young America" podcast says,

My youngest brother Brendan (age 11) is the frontman of the band Total Annihilation.

His stage name is Eddy Demon, and he plays with our family friend Damon (aka Dorkmeister Harmoniak) on bass, his and our friend Pete on drums (recently turned 14), and as of recently, his guitar teacher James on rhythm guitar.

On Saturday, they played at the Maker Faire, a really cool event in San Mateo hosted by Make Magazine. They rocked out amid fire-spouting fire trucks, mobile cupcake cars, power tool races and a two-story-high game of Moustrap. It was fantastic.

I set up some equipment and recorded a few of their songs for your enjoyment:

  • Coffee Break – MP3 Link
  • In N Out of Grace – MP3 Link
  • Jerkbusters – MP3 Link

    The second is a Mudhoney cover — Mudhoney are one of Brendan's faves, along with (at last reckoning) the Minutemen and the Stooges.

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