Star Wars cake wars: Max Rebo pastry vs. Death Star dessert

( posted from Guatemala / Xeni ) Great White Snark says,

Howdy. Last month, I found myself incensed by your coverage of the Death Star cake. I applaud all pastry-tributes to Star Wars, but didn't see why this one merited any special attention. My Mom, being the part-time cake artisan and gracious lady that she is, agreed to create a cake based on the likeness of Max Rebo (from Jabba the Hutt's palace band)… which allows me to say, "Now THAT'S a Star Wars cake." Hope you like it.

Link to a Star Wars cake that was created in response to Cory's Death Star birthday cake post on BoingBoing, April 13, 2007.

DEATH STAR CAKE RESPONDS: Cass, the BB reader who submitted the Death Star cake (and I defend the righteousness of that lovely, chocolatey cake) writes,

I saw this post and was a little surprised anybody would say that.. Ruth made a cake for a co-worker, it wasn't a pissing contest. i think her cake was great, and the humor of it being red velvet inside is even better- somebody who has no formal cake-decorating training gets more credit than somebody who makes cakes for a living (at least in my mind) even if the cake is slightly wonky. besides, a red velvet cake with actual frosting on it is going to taste way better than that nasty fondant stuff. i think it was lame to rain on Ruth's parade simply because somebody could do it "better".

honestly, even if if was a cake mix and some store brand frosting, i'd vote for ruth's cake, theres a charm in having something made by a friend for you and it's much more special than making it an exact replica. besides, until "snark" can make the cake themselves, and not make their mom do it, they have no right to say Ruth's cake looked like a " Large, pre-historic ball of turd with a dent in the side."

Let a thousand Star Wars cakes be baked, and henceforth let no one speak ill of the Death Star on this blog. Cass adds,

It wasnt my cake. Ijust think it was a little mean spirited of that guy to go and be like "my cake is better, neener neener."

And you are right, Cass. There will be no more besmirching of fanpastries on this blog.

BB reader Cementtruck says,

In response to Xeni's recent post regarding Great White Snark's cake, this is my Star Wars tribute cake. There will be another one of a different theme in October (Son's Birthday): Link.

MAX REBO CAKE TEAM REPLIES: Main screen turn on! We get signal! Great White Snark says:

Just wanted to tell Cass to consider Ruth's honor intact. As I said in my note to you and in my blog, I applaud her efforts, but occasionally I indulge in a bit of hyperbole. For instance, of course Ruth's cake looks better than a turd (I'm just really bad at analogies and commonly resort to poo jokes), and my Mom is a cake artisan as much as she's a cook and a gardener… it's just one of her many hobbies.

Perhaps I will attempt to make a cake myself. I'll entitle the post, "Now that's a cake that ended up looking like roadkill. Whoops."