Goddammit. Every time I swear I'm gonna put a kibosh on any plural noun that begins with LOL, someone reboots the meme in a genuinely funny way. And so it is with LOLbots, which was created by Dieselsweeties' R. Stevens.

I hate myself for blogging you. LOLS. ROFL. NSFW. LMAO.

Incidentally, I hear Scott Beale's working on a dissertation-sized über-düper post of every LOL variant evar. I promise not to blog that, either. (posted from the road, in central america / xeni)

Update: The LOLbots site got Boingdotted, and is not working too well as of Thursday AM. "my durn admin thinks getting email and business related traffic out is more important than LOL," says R. Stevens. Stay tuned. Here's something to tide you over.