Webcomic about Hurricane Katrina

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The terrific Smith Magazine just published Chapter 4 of its webcomic about the New Orleans disaster, called A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge. It's a true story about real people who lived in New Orleans and survived the disaster and its aftermath. The website also has podcast interviews with the people portrayed in the comic. It's an excellent way to present the personal stories of people affected by the natural disaster and the monumental government failure that followed.

(Here's a YouTube video about the comic, which is drawn by American Splendor artist, Josh Neufeld.)


Reader comment:

Larry Smith: editor and publisher of Smith magazine adds:

This series about Abu Ghraib is one of the most interesting things we've ever done:
"Behind the Hood," artist Daniel Heyman's series of Abu Ghraib prisoners' words and images.

Heyman was invited to Amman, Jordan where former prisoners were being deposed. He listened to their stories, took notes–and made art. "I began drawing their faces as the interviews got underway, listening to the reporting of biographical information through the translator, the number of children they had, where they lived, but mostly concentrating on getting a good start on the portrait."