Comic gems: tragi-condom-edy, and the golden age of nukes

Fringe comix archivist Ethan Persoff has just scanned and posted two new mindblowingly awesome classics:

(1) Condoms and the Pill, 1956/1962 Planned Parenthood comic on Birth Control.
Features a women so terrified at the thought of having
a fourth baby she won't even let her husband KISS her.
The husband gets so starved for sex he can't
concentrate and jams his hand into heavy machinery at
the plant! Amazing time capsule showing US views
toward condoms and other birth control to be still
heavily stigmatized as late as 1962. [Ed. Note: Boy, good thing all THAT's changed!]

Contains my
favorite single comic panel seen in some time: JPEG Link (shown above). Be sure to stick around for the Malaysian version.

(2) POWER FOR PROGRESS (1972) — Nuclear Power Plant Comic Book. Further description is
not necessary here.

Previous BB posts about Ethan Persoff's archives: Link.

Reader comment: Josh Moulds says,

I enjoyed Xeni's post linking to Ethan Persoff's blog showcasing some of the outrageous attitudes towards birth control and the associated "abstinence programs" advocated by conservative groups.

I couldn't help but be reminded of this not-quite-so recent article in the Onion. Whilst BoingBoing is probably above simply linking to Onion articles, I thought you may appreciate the satire aimed at proponents of such archaic schools of thought still exercised by people today.