One Laptop Per Child machines for sale this Xmas?

Mary Lou Jepsen, CTO of the One Laptop Per Child Foundation, has announced that the foundation may sell its ruggedized "$100" laptops in the developed world next Christmas, marking them up to either $350 or $525. When I first heard about the OLPC, I immediately said, "I'll buy three for a developing country if I can buy one more for myself" (once I got to play with one, I grew even more convinced that I wanted this!). I think that the high pricetag might turn people off, though — instead, they should market this as "Buy three OLPCs for kids in poor nations, and we'll sell you one for your own use." That would be a killer Christmas gift.

The One Laptop Per Child Foundation's rugged XO laptop could initially sell for just $350, or twice its production cost, although the group is also considering a $525 price tag, said OLPC chief technology officer Mary Lou Jepsen.

If the XO laptop does make its way onto the market this year, it could surprise personal computer makers who have already spent months planning their strategy for the 2007 holiday season.


(Thanks, Wayan!)