Update to "Never Get Busted Again" video

Yesterday I wrote about a video called Never Get Busted Again, in which a former narc teaches potheads how to stay out of jail.

Today, a Boing Boing reader named Wayne emailed me about it. He says:

Lorretta Nall, who founded the US Marijuana party and ran for Governor
of Alabama on the Libertarian ticket, already got into a tussle with
that guy.

Here's where she hears about the DVD and thinks it will be great.

Here's a blog post where she reviews his DVD.

Here's where he threatens her with legal action if she doesn't take down her review of his video.

Here's an excerpt from Nall's review:

I did not learn any way to keep a narcotics dog from detecting my bag nor to keep a cop from searching my car. Having to sit through 90 minutes of being told things even the most amatuer pot smoker should already know was insulting. The fact that this DVD has been packaged and marketed as a way to help people stay out of jail and sold for a massive profit does not lend any credibility to the notion put forth by Mr. Cooper that he wishes to atone for his sins as a narcotics officer. If that notion were true then this video would have contained information that is actually useful when trying to avoid narcotics dog and officer detection and it would have been disseminated for free. However, according to this video there isn't a damn thing I can do to ensure I will "Never Get Busted Again".

I say it's false advertising and I want my money back.

Barry Cooper, the CEO of NeverGetBusted.com says:

Read the truth about the problems between me and Loretta [Nall]. Read a non-biased review of my film from one of the most respected names in marijuana reformation, Jodie Emery. She is the wife of Marc Emery. They are the owners of Cannabis Culture Magazine and Marc is currently one of DEA's most wanted for selling pot seeds.

There must be something to my DVD if the major chains are placing it in their stores. There must be something to my second film considering Hollywood has reached out and we are negotiating contracts now.

Please take a moment and click the link. It is a message board discussion that might help you see the other side.

It is discussed here as well.