A surreal and supremely inane compendium of miscellaneous knowledge, Vol 13


What's inside Laughing Squid's Scott Beale's bag? Link

(HOAX — see here.) Man undergoes surgery to make thumb pointier, and therefore easier to use iPhone. "[T]he procedure involved making a small incision into both thumbs and shaving down the bones, followed by careful muscular alteration and modification of the fingernails." Link

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Video — Happy 3rd Birthday, PCL Linkdump! Link

Picture 2-68 Video — "For the last several years, a Washington D.C. area local cable access station has run the hippest kids show on earth: Pancake Mountain." Link

Dateline, Utah: "A widow and grandma spent the morning in jail, arrested for refusing to give a policeman her name when he tried writing her a ticket for failing to water her yard." Link

The art of Disney animator Ward Kimball. Link

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Video — National Geographic investigates coulrophobia: "an overwhelming fear of clowns." Link

200708091029-1Chinese dentist will put your extracted teeth in an amber necklace charm. Link

200708091045 "A Chinese man has reportedly found flowers growing from a steel pipe in his vegetable garden.
Grandpa Ding told Sohu News: 'I was cleaning the pipes, then my hand touched something fluffy.'" Link

Reader comment:

Michele says:

As an entomologist, I couldn't help but notice that the white "flowers" growing on the steel pipe are actually the eggs of a green lacewing. Each egg is placed at the end of a long stalk to prevent the larvae from eating each other. Since lacewings are predators of aphids and other garden pests I have no doubt they will bring the Chinese man who found them luck anyway.

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Video — Man sports a tail (sadly, not prehensile). Link