Giant Sof'Boy figurine by Presspop

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Sof' Boy is a wonderful but extremely infrequently-published comic book by musician and artist Archer Prewitt. I love this comic about a homeless, naive dough boy who happily lives in a crime- and filth-ridden urban neighborhood, surviving attacks by man and beast because he is made out of some kind of indestructible, infinitely elastic rubber.

Giant Robot sells Sof' Boy comics: Combo Reprint (Issue #01 & Issue #02), Issue #03

Presspop in Japan has just announced the release of a 24" tall (life size?) Sof' Boy figurine.

HEE HAW YIP YIP! After 2 years of designing, and re-designing, and
testing, and re-designing, and with Archer finishing the Sea and Cake
tour (more time to design), Sof'Boy has finally come to life!
Because we can not predict for how many figures, the mold will be able
to hold (in the case of Giant Pupshaw, it was for only around 100
pieces), we will divide the release into several parts. The first
release is for 70 figures only. We think at most, we will be able to
produce around 200 pieces but this is all up to the mold! So in order
not to cause trouble to our customers, we will release the dolls as
they are produced. As soon as the mold is broken, the production is
finished. So if you wish to have Sof'Boy at your home, we suggest you
place an order early. We will take orders on a first come first serve